About me

My name is Sarah Easterbrook and I have always had a love for animals. Over the years I have owned dogs, horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs.

I have worked in animal rescue for over 17 Years. In 1997 I started working as a volunteer at Cheltenham Animal Shelter. I was soon employed there as a kennel assistant and had various roles including small animal manager, boarding manager, and then rehoming officer for all the dogs at the shelter.

I have gained a lot of experience while working in a rescue centre and I have dealt with numerous behaviour problems in different animals.

I currently own 2 dogs, a beautiful rescue collie called Bobbie and a very cheeky Airedale terrier called Ruby. I love long walks with my dogs and also love to bake, I cook all my own dog treats so I know there are no artificial additives added, my dogs are particularly partial to the cheese and garlic ones.